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Welcome to the RichFaces 3.3 demo!

About RichFaces

RichFaces is a rich component library for JavaServer Faces built on an advanced open source framework (Ajax4jsf). It allows easy integration of AJAX capabilities into enterprise-level business application development.

RichFaces enriches the Ajax4jsf framework in two important ways. First, it expands a number of visual ready-to-use components. Secondly, it fully implements the skinnability feature of the Ajax4jsf framework including a large number of predefined skins. Using skinnability, it is much easier to manage the look-and-feel of an application.

About This Demo

This demo Web application showcases the most important functionality available in RichFaces components. For each component or component set selected in the left-hand sidebar, you can see it in action. Also, you can immediately see the effect of predefined skins on the application whole look-and-feel.

Pay your attention to "New" green marks on the left navigation bar.
Groups marked with such icons - contain the components added during latest release, or the components with new examples added.

New Demo Available!

We already have new demo called photoAlbum available! The demo contains best practices and examples of RichFaces in action and includes all most popular components! Visit the new demo!

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