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rich:calendar allows to select the date using monthly calendar elements on pages. It is possible to use the component in a popup and inline code. At a popup mode Calendar is initially rendered as input for date and button on the right side to call a popup. In case of an inline mode, the monthly calendar is located on a page initially.

Calendar Demo
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Calendar component allows to work with time also. You should just define time in pattern ( for example "d/M/yy HH:mm" as it's defined in this sample by default)

After you choose some date, you become able to manage time for this date. Spinner is called after a click on the time fields to edit them.

Calendar could be used without "Apply" button (is closed after date selected)

locale attribute is defined as a Locale. The default value is set to the Locale of the current page. The name of the month and week days depend on the Locale.

popup attribute is a flag that directs to the calendar mode. If true, the popup mode is used. Otherwise, the inline mode is set.

showInput attribute defines whether the input field should be rendered in a popup mode. If set to false, only the button (calendar icon) appears on the page.

enableManualInput attribute allows to input the date in a text field manually. The default value is false. It means a user can only select date from the calendar element.

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