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The tag allows dynamic columns functionality in a rich:dataTable. It is used like a UIData component which iterates through a data model to create columns.

The component uses a standard value/var pair of attributes to provide binding to data model and request scoped variable for iteration through this data model.

The next simple example shows you a simple use-case where ten types of cars are created and a list of models with prices is generated for each type of car. In the dataTable cars are grouped by type in a separate columns.

DataTable Columns example
Cars Available
Corvette 64261.0 miles 35222$Explorer 67801.0 miles 32072$Maxima 16296.0 miles 24304$Camry 40748.0 miles 39008$Yukon 24647.0 miles 24199$G35 29169.0 miles 51080$
Corvette 41637.0 miles 26902$Explorer 56033.0 miles 33386$Maxima 30293.0 miles 15109$Camry 71243.0 miles 53362$Yukon 9159.0 miles 51688$G35 14438.0 miles 19340$
Corvette 27996.0 miles 23751$Explorer 10039.0 miles 49349$Maxima 16103.0 miles 37334$Camry 32140.0 miles 24454$Yukon 18695.0 miles 47638$G35 19360.0 miles 19505$
Corvette 56072.0 miles 49221$Explorer 62378.0 miles 23211$Maxima 64231.0 miles 22620$Camry 19078.0 miles 54072$Yukon 61286.0 miles 42101$G35 29867.0 miles 22144$
Corvette 64532.0 miles 26464$Explorer 22664.0 miles 38374$Maxima 20297.0 miles 30327$Camry 44109.0 miles 26507$Yukon 9211.0 miles 26934$G35 51597.0 miles 31292$
Corvette 18113.0 miles 39890$Explorer 13347.0 miles 48866$Maxima 25480.0 miles 52195$Camry 11400.0 miles 34215$Yukon 15232.0 miles 17351$G35 34770.0 miles 34592$
Corvette 71441.0 miles 47676$Explorer 61826.0 miles 40631$Maxima 71933.0 miles 27689$Camry 16413.0 miles 19450$Yukon 69346.0 miles 33798$G35 50115.0 miles 25825$
Corvette 48739.0 miles 42609$Explorer 43837.0 miles 23378$Maxima 32500.0 miles 40137$Camry 60246.0 miles 52421$Yukon 34910.0 miles 38437$G35 33516.0 miles 43456$
Corvette 19399.0 miles 42882$Explorer 34409.0 miles 23343$Maxima 61493.0 miles 26698$Camry 37374.0 miles 26428$Yukon 9610.0 miles 39399$G35 61993.0 miles 35906$

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Additionally as you see Sorting Feature could be added to this component in the same way as for simple rich:column.

In this example every column provides sorting by car prices

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