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RichFaces Drop Down menu is a component that allows to organize the hierarchical menu similar to one that almost every desktop application has.


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The drop down menu has a label that always appears on the page and invisible panel that appears with a particular client side event (onmouseover, onclick etc). The event is defined with an 'event' attribute.

Drop Down Menu can contains a set of Menu Items, Menu Groups and Menu Separators. Group plays a role of label for secondary levels on the menu. Separator is represented with horizontal lines between the items or groups. An item is an active element that might produce Ajax or non-Ajax requests. The submittion mode is defined with 'submitMode' attribute that has three possible options - "server", "ajax" or "none". Mode "none" does not produce any request, but allows you to provide your own functionality inside the menu item with an inline content.

You can place a block of drop down menus horizontally or vertially how it is shown below.


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