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Inplace Selectis a simple input component which displays current value as outputText and switches to Select based representation after a defined event to allow editing this value.

You could try the simplest example below. Just click on a label to edit the value and click somewhere outside the component to store this value(Or just press ENTER button).

Click here to edit

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In this example f:selectItems tag is used to define a list of items to use. Additionally the next useful attributes are used:

  • Controls "save" and "cancel" are turned on with showControls attribute
  • Layout attribute is defined as block and inplace is rendered as div an element instead of span
  • openOnEdit with true value defines that a select popup list will be opened automatically after edit state is activated.
  • Classes customization is used

Double click to edit value (editEvent set as ondblclick).

Double Click to edit

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And the last example shows how to save the simplest value via Ajax request and how customize controls using controls facet.

Current State: Click here to edit Current State Capital:

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