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The panel is a rectangle area on a page that may contain any content including other panels. Panel has a header (optionally) and a body. The default look-n-feel is based on the current skin. Look-n-feel of any parts of the panel, including color scheme, borders and paddings can be customizable using with pre-defined number of CSS classes.

Panel with default Look-n-feel
Write your own custom rich components with built-in AJAX support
The CDK includes a code-generation facility and a templating facility using a JSP-like syntax. These capabilities help to avoid a routine process of a component creation. The component factory works like a well-oiled machine allowing the creation of first-class rich components with built-in Ajax functionality even more easily than the creation of simpler components by means of the traditional coding approach.

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Panel without header
RichFaces is a library for adding rich user interface features to JSF applications. It extends the Ajax4jsf framework to include a large (and growing) set of powerful rich AJAX-enabled components that come with extensive skins support.

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Nested panels
The panels can be nested:

Benefits of Using Ajax4jsf

For Application Developers
  • Production quality Open Source
  • Does Open Source and has an Open Architecture
  • Compatible with any JSF Implementation - MyFaces, JSF1.1, JSF1.2
  • Allows to Ajaxify JSF application without writing Javascript
  • Works with standard and third party components
  • Adds the Ajax capability to existing non-Ajax components
For Component Developers
  • Ajax4jsf is Open Source and has an Open Architecture
  • Gives an API to create components with built-in Ajax support
  • Has a Component Development Kit for rapid development
  • Allows to skin the look-n-feel using both CSS and set of skin-parameters
  • Automatically generates the unit test-cases for developing components
  • Allows to pack javascript code, images, css inside the final jar

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