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The rich:panelMenu component is used to define a collapsible side-menu panel. The component has a pre-defined skinable look-n-feel. You can customize it with styles and a set of component attributes. The folowing demo shows the example of rich:panelMenu

Panel Menu demo
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Nothing selected

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Switching mode could be chosen with the mode attribute for all panelMenu items except ones where this attribute was redefined. By default all items send custom request.

The expandMode attribute defines the submission modes for all collapsing/expanding panelMenu groups except ones where this attribute was redefined.

The mode and expandMode attributes could be used with three possible parameters:

  • server (default) - The common submission of the form is performed and a page is completely refreshed.
  • ajax - An Ajax form submission is performed, and additionally specified elements in the "reRender" attribute are reRendered
  • none - "Action" and "ActionListener" attributes are ignored. Items don't fire any submits itself. Behavior is completely defined by the components nested to items. Groups expand on the client side.

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