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SimpleTogglePanel represents a panel with a base text label at the top and additional content that can be shown or hidden. Additional content is shown or hidden using the simpleTogglePanel control located to the right of the base text label by default.
This is an example of the component with default look-n-feel:

Simple Toggle Panel example
Add AJAX capability to existing JSF applications 
The framework is implemented by using a component library. The library set Ajax functionality into existing pages, so there is no need to write any JavaScript code or to replace existing components with new Ajax one. Ajax4jsf enables page-wide Ajax support instead of the traditional component-wide support and it gives the opportunity to define the event on the page. An event invokes an Ajax request and areas of the page which are synchronized with the JSF Component Tree after changing the data on the server by Ajax request in accordance with events fired on the client.

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The switchType attribute allows to select a toggle approach that can be 'client', 'server' or 'ajax'. The 'server' and 'ajax' types require to be surrounded with a form element such as <h:form> or <a4j:form>.

Switch types example
Server Switch Type 
The regular JSF form submission is processed during the changing mode between showing and hidding the additional content.
Ajax Switch Type 
This type allows to perform the partial view update instead of the whole page reloading. You also can reRender other components while the panel content is toggled.
Client Switch Type 
The switching between showing and hiding the toggle panel content performs on the client side.

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