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ToolTip is a small non-modal pop-up that could be used to display additional information, that is usually hidden.
Major toolTip features:

  • Tool-tip content may be pre-rendered on a page (client mode) or loaded on separate Ajax request (ajax mode)
  • In "ajax" mode default content could be shown while request is executed
  • Parameters can be passed to the server during an ajax request
  • Tooltip look is fully customizable using both - Richfaces skins and CSS style classes
ToolTip example

Here you can see default client-side tool-tip

This tool-tip content was pre-rendered to the page.
The look of this tool-tip is 100% defined by skin.

This tool-tip will follow mouse. Also this tool-tip has a delay 0.5 sec, so be patient!

This tool-tip content also pre-rendered to the page.
However, the look of this tool-tip is customized
by styleClass attribute.

This tool-tip rendered on server in separate request.

This tool-tip will be activated on mouse click. It also has a bottom-left position.

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